Sarcastic Memo Pads 4-Pack




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Everything is Fine, I have no idea what I’m doing,

This is my life Now, and I’m not even trying anymore.  


• Set of 4 paper notepads.

• 4.25 x 5.5 inches. 50 sheets.

• Made in the USA by Guajolote Prints.

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Funny Gifts for Coworkers

Searching for the best funny notepads or cool gifts for coworkers? Guajolote Prints is home of thousands of amazing retro, vintage, and one of a kind hilarious and cool memo pad gifts for you to enjoy. Get the biggest laughs with our humorous stationery.

sarcastic novelty gifts by Guajolote Prints are perfect for crazy people that love to write lists for everything, these cute, humorous notepads are sold in sets, individually, and in bulk quantities.

This collection of sarcastic novelty gifts and cool gifts for coworkers includes I’M DEAD INSIDE, TRYING TO ACT LIKE A PERSON, I UNDERSTAND NOTHING and I’D LIKE TO CANCEL TODAY PLEASE.

Each notepad measures 4.25 x 5.5 inches and have 50 sheets of sarcasm and wit, and come with chipboard backing for added durability.

Guajolote Prints notepads and funny office supplies will help you organize your life while giving you a chuckle. If you find yourself bored at work, at an office meeting, or like to show off your special kind of humor on your work desk, these notepads will be the perfect addition to your cubicle.

Our fun funny desk supplies and lists will help you keep things tidy at your home or office, while showing your self-deprecating side, wit, and dry humor. Varied themes include current events, observational, insult comedy, and a lot of sarcasm!

Guajolote Prints unique funny desk supplies for the office are perfect as fun presents for boss, coworkers, friends, family members, students, teachers, doctors, lawyers, nurses and for everyone that appreciates a good laugh.

Guajolote Prints beautifully printed notepads will make you fall in love with writing in real paper again. Great as small, affordable gifts for Christmas, Birthday parties, holidays, anniversary, retirement celebrations, family reunions, office parties, gifts for newlyweds, bachelors, college and dorms and for any occasion.

Use them in desk, cubicle, school, college, kitchen, festivity, shopping, to do list, organization, tasks, chores, get-together, association, union, any occasion social gathering.

Let people know about your at work frustrations, how you feel about deadlines and office pressures with Guajolote Prints surreal, insult notepads. 100% satisfaction guaranteed and Free Shipping in most domestic orders.

Funny Office Gifts for friends and coworkers. Jot down notes using Guajolote Prints unique and cool stationery. Guajolote Prints Pads are the most original, humorous and awesome funny office supplies you’ll find.

Never forget important tasks that need to get done for work by using these useful and entertaining scratch pads.

Guajolote Prints cool gifts for friends are awesome and affordable because they are printed the old fashion way with vibrant colors and premium quality paper.

Good quality cool gifts for friends and fun home gifts and cheap novelty items are not easy to find, that is why these note pads are so original.

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